When I loved you was perhaps the first time I looked into your eyes and realised they were the most amazing pair I had ever seen. Filled with love and warmth, enveloped by sullen rage. When I knew I loved you was the day you held my hand, never had I ever felt so safely vulnerable.

How I loved you was like the morning sun, slow and subtle, flaring up or dimming down but inevitable. How I am still in love with you is like the air I breathe, it isn’t always fresh, safe or pleasant but every ounce out it weighs my being.

What I love about you is the way you calm me down when it seems impossible. What I love about you is the innocence in your laughs, the child in your thoughts, the scholar in your plans and Β the man in your responsibilities.

Why I love you no matter how impossible it gets, there is no one I would rather love. Why I love you is because your make my world stop and take a breath or two when it needs. Why I love you is because you light up the darkest corners of my soul.

Where I loved you was at the heart first and then the eyes. Where I will love you is through everyday of our lives yet to live, till the grave and if possible, beyond. Where I love you is in all the multi-verses in possible existence, in all of it, I love you and only you.



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