Queen of my kind

Some grow old but never grow up,

Visible in their thoughts, their perception.

Doing whatever first comes to mind,

Strings of thought, none attached.


Conquer the world or perhaps the day,

Carpe diem quam minimal credula postero.

Buy what you need, own what you please,

Materialism at its simplest.


Love the ones who love you or not,

It’s not hard, don’t let it be.

Forgive though never forget,

Time goes on, end closes in.


Decisions being made, very second,

How it turns out, have no control over.

Make a mistake, maybe hundreds of it too,

Don’t just imagine, sow and reap.


Not enough rights for all the wrongs,

No body’s perfect, neither is the aspiration.

What could go wrong, it doesn’t matter,

We are screw-ups and I ‘m queen of my kind.


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