Let go

Karma; what goes comes around. Sir Newton says every action has an equal and opposite reaction. To have something good one must do good. All these, values? should I call it that?

We have been taught all these when growing up, haven’t we? Do not lie because then something bad will happen. Do not steal because you will lose. If you do good, are good in your nature and in your ways, things will work out for the better. At least that was what I was taught.

I was taught to always be good, even during times I would not want to. To always think good even when there was nothing about it to. To always forgive even when the damage is irreparable. When bad things do happen, forget it, move on.

Move on. How do I? how do we? Do I forget what was said and done? Do I forget the pain caused and time wasted? Do I forgive all that transpired? Fine, I will forgive and try to forget. I will move on to better things and better people, hope for a brighter tomorrow to balance the darkness of today. But how do I let go?

How do I let go of the scars that remain on my skin? Let go of the memories embedded so deep in the skin, a wiggle and it sends my soul to shudder? How do I let go of the cold pang across my chest at the mention of it? how?

I will learn to love another person, another place. Learn to love the love we share, learn to love the new-found passion, learn to love where I am..but how do I erase the waves of condemned memories that floods my mind now and then? How do I erase the swell I felt, the rush in my blood and happiness that beamed through my eyes?

I will move on but how do I let go? How do I let go knowing that I did everything right? knowing that I put in more than 100%, that I pushed beyond what I could? Knowing what I did was never enough?

How do I let go of that?

Better things will come, bad things happen, we all move on. How do I erase what has already been? it may not matter but it is there, how do I rid of it?


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