To my best friend

Dear Best Friend,

I don’t know when or how you became  one of the best part of my life and my little circle of people who actually matter to me. I don’t remember when it was that you started becoming so important to me, when it was that I trusted you with myself and my insecurities but I am glad I did.

Honestly, I was so scared of being in high school because I was sure I would not fit in, it has always been difficult for me to fit in but when I met you, you made me feel like I could fit anywhere. Like I was a whole different person than I thought  I was, made me realise there was more to me than I would credit myself. You helped me become a person I am proud of.

Man! those were the best four years of my life and all thanks to you and your unwavering support then and now. I can’t recall any of the best moments in my life that you weren’t a part of. Seriously none of it.

Over the years, things have changed in our lives but I am glad you are still here with me. We haven’t been together or gotten an opportunity to bond or hangout for past couple of years, i know but the moment I meet you, it feels like I have been with you every single day. Everything is old and familiar with you, it is comforting. I can’t tell you how much I miss you being all quirky, reading your neat writing or hearing your awkward squeaky laugh. You are oddly precious.

Meeting you, finding a friend in you was like falling through the clouds. The speedy fall that seems so slow, the whooshing wind deafening yet peaceful, the sense of levitation while falling, plunging faster but knowing I will never hit the ground. It is exhilarating.

I hope one day, we will be able to hang out again. I hope one day, we will sit together on the porch and watch the grand-kids play. I hope that one day, we make fun of our bend backs and creased wrinkles.


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