what was wrong

There are some mistakes you make consciously and others just seem to happen. There is never a right time to make mistakes but it is not always wrong to make them. It happens when you decide to wake up a little too early or a tad bit late. It happens when you choose to dress this way or the other. Every decision is a mistake, it just depends on how we perceive the results it yields. 

Ever wonder how it would feel when someone is a mistake? and what if you were that someone? 

It is almost impossible (at least for me) to imagine that a person, a living, breathing person could ever be a mistake. Was he/she a mistake only because it led to something bad or because it ruined something now? Was that person a mistake because the thought and memory of them embarrasses you presently? Was that person a mistake because they did not treat you well or because they wrecked your life in every way they could? Endless are such questions and the answers to it, most of us know quite too well.And we probably have that one person or two in our minds as we read this.

We never intend for the things to be this way, for things to turn out the way it does. Sometimes what they do leaves your soul shattered, you begin to question yourself on what you are supposed to do to make things better for yourself, to be happy and answer never comes.Having each and every aspect of your life wrecked, have it be a piece of broken mirror you will never want to look into and have it be forgotten forever if it may. It is difficult, what is more difficult is walking away from such pain because no matter how hard you try to rid of it, it will always cling on and never leave. Like the ink stain on a sheet it is unpleasant in every way but then you get used to it, or it simply blends in with the patterns on the sheet but it never leaves.

Mistakes, I remember when it used to be me having forgotten to add or divide a number, a wrong punctuation mark somewhere or coloring out of the lines. Something so simple, when it turned into something beyond my comprehension, I will never know. 

Perhaps it is the only way we can grow. Only way we can find ourselves.



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